Jeff Wallace

Owner, Box IT Fitness, Inc.

Jeff is our Owner / Founder, one of our Heads of Operations / Development, is an integral leader in our expansion to new markets, oversees our Fitness / Training Sectors and is responsible for Program Development.  Jeff brings with him an extensive background in Boxing / Kickboxing / MMA, is a life long martial arts practitioner with decades of technical expertise in various disciplines and was a multi sport athlete.  Jeff is also a Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainer, has well over a decade of extensive fitness training experience and specializes in several areas including Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Functional Fitness & Athletic Performance.  Jeff also has a very extensive background working with numerous Special Population Groups, the Elderly and has comprehensive experience working with Children.  Jeff has been designing Fitness & Training Programs for over a decade, has worked with fitness industry leaders, has an extreme passion for wellness and has spent an abundance of years helping others to recognize their true potential while achieving maximum results.  You will most likely find Jeff hard at work, enhancing our many services for Members, taking a lead on many of our Classes and quite often jumping into our classes to practice what he preaches.  Outside of Box IT, Jeff enjoys the outdoors, going on road trips, cheering on his favorite sports teams, listening to music and most importantly, spending time with his Wife, his Newborn Baby Girl, his two Boys and his Dogs.


LaTricia Morris

Director of Nutrition / Head Coach / Small Group Trainer

LaTricia brings with her a wealth of healthy experience, is a published Author & Illustrator, Integrative Wellness Counselor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a Head Boxing Coach, Small Group Trainer and is the Founder of See Kids Thrive & Eden Life Ministries.  She possesses a wealth of Boxing & Kickboxing Experience, is deeply passionate about Nutrition & Wellness and believes her life mission is about helping others overcome obstacles to their health to maximize their life potential and realize their greatest dreams.  LaTricia also specializes in Weight Loss, Functional Fitness, Strength & Conditioning among many other things.  Outside of Box IT, LaTricia enjoys spending time with her two incredible Children, her Husband and Dog.  She also enjoys oil painting, playing in the dirt in her garden and enjoying a good laugh every chance she gets.  You will most likely find LaTricia taking lead on numerous classes, jumping in to get a workout of her own, working one on one with Nutrition Clients, educating our members on Nutrition or rocking out in her kitchen with incredibly healthful & scrumptious eats.

Dave Pic.jpg

Dave Bonadio

Corporate Business Manager

Dave is our Corporate Business Manager, Head Coach & Trainer. Dave is also one of our Heads of Operations & Development, is an integral leader in our expansion to new markets. Dave has over 15 years experience training with the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers, as well as health club management in Pittsburgh and Lancaster, PA. Dave has an extreme passion for fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals. Having a growth mindset, Dave places a ton of emphasis on quality control, company growth, branding and model improvement. In his free time, Dave enjoys spending time with his son and daughter, hiking and watching his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins.


Jaren Angud

Head Coach / Small Group Trainer

Jaren brings with him an extensive background in combat sports such as Muay Thai Kickboxing, Judo, Collegiate Wrestling and has competed in several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments.  Jaren is also an avid endurance event competitor having competed in the Spartan Race Series since 2008.  Jaren is a nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainer, with emphasis on functional strength training, sports and athletic conditioning.  You will likely find Jaren leading many of our classes, coaching small group training, working one on one with his personal clients or interfacing with our members and creating personal training programs via the Box IT Fitness App.  You will also find Jaren quite often jumping in on class workouts, living the Box IT Fitness lifestyle while establishing a formidable bond with members.  Outside of Box IT, Jaren loves to go on hikes, play tennis, make music, drink coffee and spend time with his wife!


Tara Hagenberger

Head Coach / Personal Trainer

Tara comes to the Box IT Fitness Team with a wealth of fitness and wellness expertise in addition to multiple years of experience in both boxing & kickboxing. Tara is a Certified Personal Trainer  and will take lead as a Coach on many of our awesome classes. Tara brings with her extreme passion, enthusiasm & care when it comes to helping members optimize their results and recognize their full potential!  In her spare time, Tara enjoys living a very active lifestyle, at times jumping in for a boxing workout of her own, playing softball and spending time with her husband Paul!


Courtney Wallace

Head Coach / Merchandising Manager

Courtney brings a ton of enthusiasm to the Box IT Fitness Team. She offers a very diversified background that blends extensive Boxing & Kickboxing expertise with Functional Fitness. Courtney is a Certified Personal Trainer and specializes in several key areas that include Weight Loss, Athletic Performance and Functional Movement. In addition, Courtney is an Aquatics Fitness Instructor, was a competitive swimmer, surfer and multi sport athlete. Courtney also specializes in working with Children of various ages. Courtney prides herself on helping others improve their confidence so that they can tackle any obstacle and ultimately achieve their fitness goals. You will most often find Courtney heading up one of our Signature Classes, working one on one with her clients, heading up our Merchandising or jumping in herself to practice what she preaches. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys taking road trips, hitting the beach and spending time with her Husband & Box IT Owner, Jeff, their beautiful baby girl and their two dogs.