Boxing For Seniors

Our “Boxing for Seniors” Program is particularly awesome for both men & women! Contrary to popular belief, this “non-contact” form of fitness training is particularly beneficial to our Senior Population. It is designed to go at your own pace so that you can operate within the scope of your own ability level. Recent studies show a variety of benefits resulting from this type of training such as: Improvements to Brain Activity, Stress Relief, Improvements to Bone Density, Cellular Benefits associated with Aging, Management of Specific Disease and their associated symptoms such as Parkinson’s, Improvements to Circulation, Heart Health, improvements to functional strength and injury prevention. The list goes on and on, feel younger, move smoother and join our exclusive community of Senior Citizens and kick it old school with this fun, engaging, purposeful form of training that is certain to yield optimal results!

See schedule for a list of Classes!

Price: $59 per Month