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It’s said that true physical fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition, echoing the adage “you can’t outrun your fork.”  

 Nutrition is an obvious component to fitness yet it’s one which many struggle to get a firm grasp on.  While there is a wealth of information readily available, the noise of the industry leaves most people confused and frustrated.  We call “bull” on all of it.  You shouldn’t need a degree in nutrition just to feed yourself and your family the healthiest foods on the planet; you shouldn’t have to compromise your health or sanity to fit some mold; and you darn sure should be able to enjoy incredible food while realizing your most ambitious health and wellness goals.

Our Mission:

Helping you realize true health freedom and maximizing your capacity to enjoy the life you’ve been given is the heartbeat of everything we do.  While, countless plans and programs focus just on weight loss, often trashing the body to attain it, we work to help you achieve and maintain your health and weight loss goals with a program built to take all the “bull” out of nutrition education so you can truly win at life.      

One-on-One Nutritional Coaching Sessions

It’s not quick and intensive fixes (whether that be diets or exercise regimes) but a step-by-step approach that builds real and lasting change over time. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to personal health.  That’s why we offer one-on-one nutritional & fitness coaching to support you on your journey. Whether your goals are to increase energy levels, manage stress, lose weight, reduce food cravings or just generally improve your overall health, we are here for you.

 In our one-on-one sessions, we help clients to: 

  • Eliminate confusion on what, when and how to eat

  • Identify and overcome obstacles in achieving their health and wellness goals

  • Learn how to satisfy cravings without compromising results

  • Restore their ability to eat intuitively, without rigid rules, legalism and cycles of guilt or defeat

  • Track and celebrate their progress in reaching their short and long-term goals 

  • Break out of the dieter’s rut to achieve lasting success

 Nutritional Coaching Services include:

  •  Lifestyle Assessment to understand your history, starting point, and goals

  • Initial 60 minute discovery session to discuss your assessment and allow you to connect with your personal health coach 

  • Our downloadable e-book laying out the fundamentals of nutrition and the core values of a sustainable healthy diet

  • Guidance in establishing personal health & wellness vision

  • Weekly live check-ins with e-mail access to your coach throughout the week. 

  • Support and nutrition education (learning how energy balance, caloric needs, activity, metabolism, and food choices impact fitness goals, and more)

  • Education on how to interpret labels, select appropriate portion sizes, and eat healthy in and out of the home

  • Help in developing and adopting healthy eating and lifestyle habits

  • Assistance in identifying triggers and road blocks, behavioral change, and making mental shifts needed for lifelong success

  • Access to private health events (live and digital)

  • Open dialogue in a judgment-free zone

  • Monthly photos and biometrics (upon request), to help track your progress and keep you on point with reaching your health and fitness goals.

  • Valuable handout materials and resources based on the your objectives and interests

Packages & Pricing

All sessions below are approximately 45 minutes.  In addition to one-on-one counseling, clients will receive ongoing support and opportunities to further connect with their coach between sessions.

Multiple tiers are offered to provide clients support needed at different stages in their personal health journey.  It is generally recommended that clients initiate their journey with a Tier 1 Plan, then transitioning through the tiers at a pace that matches the client’s progress.  This helps us help you receive the support you need as you bring your goals into your reality.

 Initial Consultation - $99

Initial consultations are approximately 60 minutes.  This is more of an intensive meeting with your health coach to review your starting point, history, lifestyle, goals and objectives.  

  •  Tier 1 - Weekly Sessions for 12 weeks: $45/session or $180/per 4 Weeks

  •  Tier 2 - Bi-weekly Sessions for 12 weeks: $50/session or $100/per 4 Weeks

  •  Tier 3 - Monthly Sessions for 12 weeks: $55/session

  •  A la Carte Services - Single Session: $60 /session*

This provides clients a great opportunity to catch up with their health coach and to assess/address present health obstacles, concerns and objectives.

 Private Grocery Store Tours $125 single/$150 per couple

Private grocery stores are offered to provide clients with maximum value by taking the tour to a grocer or market of their choosing.  This allows clients to learn how to make better food choices in line with personal food preferences and budgeting considerations where they already love to shop.   

All tours are to be conducted within a 10 mile radius but may be held at locations beyond this for an additional fee based on travel time and/or distance. 

 *Please note, a la carte one-on-one consultations cannot be purchased without having completed an initial consultation.  Where clients are already under one of our tiers, a la carte sessions will be billed at the rate applicable to their elected tier. 

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